07/06/2016: Silverstone

Graham Ridgeway continued to demonstrate his great form with a 5th place finish and is now the clear leader in the Penfold Plate. Jennifer Ridgeway drove well in both Derek Bell Trophy races out performing a number of experienced racers in faster cars, the first race was a big challenge in very wet conditions.

Davey Walton got caught up with a more modern URS FF2000 car in the race which limited his progress. Davey will be able to test at the next round and should be able to challenge again at the front end of the field.

Tom's help was needed around the paddock at Silverstone- Andrew Parks Reynard was damaged in testing and needed chassis welding / brazing. Fraser Collins had a cracked exhaust welded and Nelson Rowe a gear lever repaired.

01/06/2016: Castle Combe

In practice Graham Ridgway in his Reynard SF78 qualified in third position behind last year’s runner up Andrew Park and experienced racer Nelson Rowe and then converting his great grid position into a highest ever fourth place finish.

David Walton had a TS Historic full winter rebuild focussing on performance and lightening his Royale RP27. The car was fully set up for the season ahead. Davey had an impressive start to the season coming sixth in the race. Again, achieving his highest position in the series.

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